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North Carolina Leaders in the Law: Hosted by Lawyers Weekly in Partnership with Elon Law

Attorney Joel Harbinson was chosen on August 13, 2018 as one of 30 recipients for the 2018 "Leaders in the Law" award.  This award's recipients are determined by North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. Honorees of this award are "the most influential individuals within our state's legal community" and are chosen for going "above and beyond in their profession and community."

Attorney Joel Harbinson was retained in June of 2018 to represent a 20 year old teen who accidentally crossed the centerline coming home from work. This caused a coliision, killing a young mother and injuring her children. Attorney Harbinson’s client was exhausted after a long day of work at his construction job, a job that required him to work outside in high temperatures. He has fully cooperated with the authorities and neither alcohol nor drugs were involved in the incident. Currently pending in Alexander County District Court are charges of misdemeanor death by vehicle This is an unintentional death resulting from the violation of a traffic law.

Attorney Joel Harbinson was hired in June of 2018 to defend a teenager who accidentally shot and killed his best friend. Harbinson and his client fully cooperated with local authorities during the investigation by the DA’s office and detectives. The District Attorney announced on June 18, 2018 that no charges would be sought by her office.

Medical Malpractice Trial in Iredell County Superior Court

Attorneys Joel Harbinson and Caryn Brzykcy served as co‑counsel in a complicated medical negligence trial in Iredell County Superior Court.  The case spanned a period of over three weeks from May 21‑June 11, 2018 in Iredell County Superior Court. The court heard testimony from a total of seven doctors (five of which were expert witnesses). The law in North Carolina is typically stacked in favor of the defendant doctor in such medical malpractice cases; however, the plaintiff did not prevail despite an extraordinary effort on the part of our experienced attorneys.

Additionally, attorneys Joel Harbinson and Caryn Brzykcy settled an April 2018 Medical Malpractice case on behalf of their client.  In this case, a urologist negligently left a 150 cm guidewire in the client's bladder. By agreement of both parties, the terms of the settlement are confidential.

Shorter Setence for Principal than Accessory

In the April 2018 edition of Trial Briefs, the quarterly publication of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, Attorney Joel Harbinson was recognized for his representation in a January 2018 First Degree Murder case.

Attorney Bryan Corbett announced in January 2018 on behalf of the firm that Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP would be offering free criminal defense representation for defendants who seek in-patient treatment for opioid addictions.

Becoming Atticus Finch: Representing The Wrongfully Accused in Sexual Assault Cases

Attorneys Joel Harbinson and Bryan Corbett received recognition for their roles in the October 2017 North Carolina Advocates for Justice seminar entitled "Becoming Atticus Finch ‑‑ Representing the Wrongfully Accused in Sexual Assault Cases." Harbinson was Program Chair, author and presenter of the following topics: "Using Inconsistent Statements and the Lack of Corroboration as the Bedrock of Your Defense" and "Establishing Shared Values with the Jury Leading to an Acquittal. Corbett was author and presenter of "Upholding the Ethical Standards of Atticus Finch."

Two Not Guilty Verdicts (and One Hung Jury for Acquittal) on Child Sex Assault Charges

Attorney Joel Harbinson was recognized in the July 2017 edition of Trial Briefs, a quarterly publication of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, for his representation of three indigent defendants charged with First Degree Sexual Assault.  These cases spanned a twelve-month period from January 2015-January 2016.  

Estate of Man Killed in Trucking Accident in Western North Carolina Settles for $800K

Attorneys Joel Harbinson and Caryn Brzykcy received recognition in the October 2016 publication of N.C. Lawyers Weekly due to their efforts in helping negotiate a successful settlement in a May 2016 Wrongful Death damages case.