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Read on to learn more about the cases we've worked on recently and how we're impacting our community.

Attorney Joel Harbinson was retained in June of 2018 to represent a 20 year old teen who accidentally crossed the centerline coming home from work. This caused a coliision, killing a young mother and injuring her children. Attorney Harbinson’s client was exhausted after a long day of work at his construction job, a job that required him to work outside in high temperatures. He has fully cooperated with the authorities and neither alcohol nor drugs were involved in the incident. Currently pending in Alexander County District Court are charges of misdemeanor death by vehicle This is an unintentional death resulting from the violation of a traffic law.

Attorney Joel Harbinson was hired in June of 2018 to defend a teenager who accidentally shot and killed his best friend. Harbinson and his client fully cooperated with local authorities during the investigation by the DA’s office and detectives. The District Attorney announced on June 18, 2018 that no charges would be sought by her office.

Attorney Bryan Corbett announced in January 2018 on behalf of the firm that Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett, LLP would be offering free criminal defense representation for defendants who seek in-patient treatment for opioid addictions.